Nina Ogot’s trio band was formed in Nairobi, Kenya in 2008. Her lead vocals and guitars are accompanied by rhythmic percussions and groovy Kenyan lead guitar hooks in an intimate stage setting.

This soulful ensemble plays unforgettable melodies and rhythms which promptly usher you into a foreign but somewhat familiar artistic universe. Nina Ogots delightful songs sung mainly in Kiswahili and Dholuo are a fascinating balance between tradition and modernity – a perfect soundtrack for contemporary Kenya.

The trio performed mainly locally but recently, in 2020, extended its showcase into Germany and Europe.

The Nina Ogot Trio consists of:

Nina Ogot – lead vocals, guitars
Onesmus Kambale – lead guitars
Willy Rama – percussions

Benjamin Kabaseke – lead guitars
Raffaello Visconti – lead guitars
Kasiva Mutua – percussions

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