Nina Ogot’s latest album ‘Dala’ (home) is inspired by some of Kenya’s music greats like Daudi Kabaka and Joseph Ngala. Benga hooks, groovy percussions, catchy horns and vocals all testify to the musical prowess of Nina Ogot’s 13 piece band.

Nina Ogot recorded her third album ‘Dala’ in Germany, thanks to the excellent musical chemistry between her Kenyan and new German band members. A live recording studio set-up of Western instruments add pomp and colour to the singer’s pieces, ranging from classical string arrangements to the sweet sound of analogue vintage keyboards to guitars recorded with 1960s tube preamps.

This record therefore promises its audience a rich and colourful musical palette – an exciting contemporary Kenyan sound.


What a great album! —

Bill Odidi (Voice of America)



01  Dala     02  Rafiki     03  Mama

04  Yuwapi     05  Siku Moja

06  Tabasamu     07  Silly Bird

08  Pole Pole     09  Taa

10  Amor


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