ZAWADI for Christmas

Christmas season is here! Nina Ogot is happy to share her X-mas treat with yet another release – a musical gift to carry you through this merry time. Titled Zawadi (gift), this live recording made at a unique museum in Stoeffel-Park, Enspel-Germany is Nina’s way of wishing you a melodious close to your year.

Zawadi is a celebration of love, a must-have companion in your living room, car, lounge or anywhere else your playlist may accompany you this festive month. This live recording captures the danceable Kenyan vibes that the singer shared with her audiences on many summer festival stages where she played in both big and smaller set-ups such as this one.

With a simple click, allow yourself to be swept away by the rhythmic currents of Zawadi and remember to do with it what we all must do at this joyous time: SHARE!

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