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    Full Name: Nina OgotPlace Of Birth: Nairobi - KenyaOccupation: Singer | Song-writer | TV-Host


    The Kenyan songbird, Nina Ogot, jumpstarted her musical career with her soulful acoustic album ‘Ninairobi’ in 2009 followed by two single releases of the Afro-pop remixes to her songs ‘Wololo’ and ‘Aheri’ two years later. In 2017, a collaborative album with Kenyan contemporary benga musician, Winyo was released. These have acted as a stepping stone in Nina’s career and her fans have embraced her not only as a guitarist, vocalist, singer and songwriter but also as a versatile musician who has the rare agility and skill to incorporate both tradition and modernity in her artistic expression.

    This Kalasha 2011 Award winner for Best Original Score has braced several international stages including; Afro- Asia Festival in Kerala-India, The Bayimba Festival in Kampala-Uganda, The Moshito Festival in Johannesburg-South Africa and the OneBeat musical and cultural exchange program where she utilized the American platform to advocate for the plight of the Kenyan street child. Her efforts and that of the Kuruka Maisha Foundation did no go unrecognized as they were awarded with the prestigious American National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards-NASAA, a project initiated by former America’s First Lady Michelle Obama.

    The Afrocentric songbird is set to launch her third album ‘Dala’ (which means home in her mother tongue dholuo) in autumn 2019 in Kenya and Germany respectively.

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  • Dala Number of tracks : 0

    Album Name: Dala

    Composer: Nina Ogot

    Release Date: 2019/09/06

    Genre: Pop


    Nina Ogot will be releasing her third abum titled 'Dala', which means 'home' in her mother tongue dholuo, with a series of live performances in Nairobi-Kenya and in Koln Germany this autumn 2019. The series of shows will debut at the Alliance Française-Nairobi on the 6th Sept 2019.

    In this upcoming album, the musician fuses her Kenyan roots into a modern upbeat African and Western sound after gaining inspiration from the older generation of musical gurus hailing from different parts of the African continent like Mzee Ngala (Kenya), Fadhili Williams (Kenya), Daudi Kabaka (Kenya) Joseph Kabasele (Congo), Fela Kuti (Nigeria), Manu Dibango (Cameroun)...and many others. This record therefore promises its audience a rich, diverse and colourful musical palette.

    The musicianship in the album is a testimony of how the distinctly Kenyan rhythms merge into the contemporary sound of world music with a live recording of instruments ranging from melodious violins to vibrant horns to the sweet sound of analog vintage keyboards and guitars recorded with 1960s tube preamps. With the musical prowess of the band, Nina's songs have been refined into a spicy mix of refined benga guitar licks, salsa and reggae parts, catchy bass lines and horns melodies, classical string quartet and polyphonic background vocals.

    The collaboration with her German colleagues and band members begun in December 2018 when The Treasures of Kenya Trust invited Nina Ogot to Koln- Germany to brace their event dubbed Jambo day as a musical cultural ambassador for Kenya. A 15 piece band which comprises of a full horn section, a rhythm section, keys, guitars and back-up vocalists was put together for the event and thanks to the excellent musical chemistry, in April 2019 Nina Ogot recorded her third album 'Dala' with her new band in Germany.


  • Yote Yote Number of tracks : 9

    Album Name: Yote Yote

    Composer: Nina Ogot & Winyo

    Release Date: 2014/12/18

    Genre: Afro-acoustic / Benga


    Yote Yote is a collaboration album between Nina Ogot and her husband the contemporary Benga artist, Winyo.

    The title of the album ‘Yote Yote’ (Everything)  is an accurate reflection of what the two songbirds have experienced in their lives as individuals and as husband and wife. With love songs like Lala Salama (Good night) and Mimi na Wewe (You and I) and Yote Yote, this album will leave you with the nostalgia of falling in love and moving to that lovely new dwelling place where love is limitless.

    CDs Available in the following shops in Nairobi:

    • Text Book Centre branches in Nairobi (Junction, Nakumat Galleria, Sarit Centre and Thika Road Mall)
    • Leisure Village Shop (Nakumatt Lifestyle Center)
    • Asanands (Moi Avenue)
    • Ole Sereni Hotel Gift Shop (Mombasa Rd)
    • Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Gift Shop
    • Hedgehog Music Store (Sarit Centre 1st Floor)


    1. Salama

    2. Polo

    3. Dala

    4. Yote Yote

    5. Mimi na Wewe

    6. Lucy ja Kagak

    7. Oriti

    8. Lala Mtoto

    9. Utima Nadi

  • Ninairobi Number of tracks : 8

    Album Name: Ninairobi

    Composer: Nina Ogot

    Release Date: 2008/01/01

    Genre: Acoustic Africa


    From the genres of Afro-acoustic and singer/songwriter with the guitar as her companion, ‘Ninairobi’ is a testimony of Nina Ogot's deep soulful vocal ability and her artistic representation of modern life in Nairobi, Kenya.


    1. Muziki

    2. Angel from Afrika

    3. Chokoraa

    4. Lost without You

    5. Ninairobi

    6. Rabi

    7. Runaway

    8. Liberté


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BIONina Ogot

The Kenyan Afro-Acoustic songbird, Nina Ogot, jump-started her musical career with her soulful debut album dubbed 'Ninairobi' in 2009. Her musical journey has continued to pleasantly unfold with numerous rhythmical surprises which have served to spice-up her upcoming sophomore album with remixed versions of her soulful style of music.

Known to sing in Kiswahili, English, French and Dholuo, Nina’s next album is dedicated to celebrating not only her Luo roots and origins, but also highlights her urban interpretation of her tradition.

First on the sophomore album remix list was the Afro-Pop version of the song 'Wololo', Produced by Indigo Studios (Kenya) and by Claus Seest Management (Denmark). The song which was released in 2011 went on to win two African Video Awards both in Nigeria and Uganda taking both first and second place respectively. WOLOLO has acted as a stepping stone in Nina's career as her fans have embraced her not only as a pianist, guitarist, vocalist, singer and songwriter but also as a versatile musician who has the rare agility and skill to in cooperate tradition and modernity in her musical craft.

Next on the re-mix deck is her Afro-House version of DUOG DALA (Come Back home) and last but not least, her mellow Luo love song AHERI is a ballad that adds great sentimental value to her audiences.

For this Kalasha Award Winner’s next album which is currently a work in progress, a line-up of songs that tell stories about love and life in a new Kenyan way beckons. Songs like, Silly Bird, Aheri, Duog Dala, Wololo, Yuwapi, Tabasamu and many more will certainly tantalise the musical taste buds of her fans.

In the meantime, her latest collaborative album titled ‘Yote Yote’ which was released in December 2014 with her fellow musician and husband Winyo will wow keen listeners with its mix of up-beat and mellow Kenyan vibe.

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